Live My Life.

Show the passion and fun provided by the balance vehicle for life.

Time and Place

National competition -- From April to September.


  • Singapore




  • Russia




  • France




  • Norway




  • Italy




Intercontinental competition -- From October to November ONLINE RATING.

Application condition

Self-balance vehicle fans who use any brand of unicycle. But only INMOTION V series can be used in the competition regardless of models.

No gender limited. Age from 12-50. Participants are required to be in proper and healthy condition.


Download the application form from official website or collect the form from the local agency, then turn in the official email or local agency before the application deadline.       Official E-mail :

Download form

Competition rule

*Individual event or team event (2-4 persons/ team).

*Performance duration is less than 5min for every team.

*National competition -- The competitors play with “Fancy self-balance vehicle” and rated by 3 professional referees from movement smoothness, performance originality and coefficient of difficulty aspects.

*Intercontinental competition -- We will record videos throughout the competition to record the performance of each team. We will upload the performance of the national champion to Facebook for voting “LIKE” scoring by the global fans. The score makes up 70% of the total score. The national competition scores will make up 30% of the total score.

*We will announce the Intercontinental winner in November.


INMOTION V5+ (Global Limited Edition) for national champions.

INMOTION R1EX (Global Limited Edition) for intercontinental champions.

Each registered participant will receive a participant souvenir at the event, containing the event T-shirt, bracelet and riding hood.

Contact information

Name: Celia

Email: fancy@imscv.vom

Other remarks

*Any player participating in the competition must be in good health, and sign a disclaimer. INMOTION won’t assume any responsibility.

*Every player must wear protective articles during the competition.

*Every player shall guarantee that their own vehicle and equipment are suitable for the competition, including the balancing vehicle rented from the organizer.

*During the competition, only INMOTION V series balancing vehicle could be used. If you have never tried it out, you may borrow from other riders, or purchase or rent a V series balancing vehicle before the competition, or you will be defaulted to know how to use the sample vehicle provided by the organizer for the competition at the venue. Where you suffer from damages for not being adaptive to the vehicle and not familiar with the performance of the vehicle during the competition, INMOTION shall not assume any consequence.

*Where the normal holding of the competition is affected by force majeure factors, non-foreseeable particular circumstances endangering players’ safety, the competition organizing committee or the local government shall have the right to shorten the competition distance or cancel the competition correspondingly.

*INMOTION shall have the right to use competition videos and photos, etc. for purpose of promotion and advertising, etc.

*The right to interpret and amend the Regulations is owned by the competition committee of the project.

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